Aerofa is a contract aerosol manufacturer that offers its clients a full service regards to aerosol products and meets their requirement as a solution partner.

Our Goals

To create differences in aerosol sector with understanding of new products and services and continuous improvement.

Our Vision

A solution, investment, evergreen credit and working with the clients as a partnership and risk principles are our main cores. Adopt to quality is as a life philosophy and involving in soical activities for community development is our aim.

Our Mission

To offer high quality products with excellent service and affordable prices accordingly conditions of competition. Customer-oriented company aiming to customer satisfaction. Try to be honorable and exemplifying company with its maintenance profitability.


Aerofa is your solution partner as an Aerosol Filling company who aims to bring a new breath to the aerosol sector with its expert employees. Our first priority is continuos development in line with the sector’s needs and meeting user demands with the new formulations and production technology.

Customer Satisfaction

Aerofa aims to give the fastest service to the partners and gurantees the continuity and quality of its services as well. AeroFA fulfils all international standarts of Cosmetics and Aerosols and solution partner of the leading companies in the sector in this respect.

Quality Policy

Ensuring absolute satisfaction to customer and consumer we serve. Managing effectively the customers feedback. Timely delivering by deployment of resources and aiming continuous improvement on quality management system.

Core Values

Our main core values are knowledgeable, being on the square, succeed, quality, on time, doing best and trying to do better. With R&D activities to lead the new developments and being competitive on quality and cost terms.

Health&Safety Management

Health and safety at work is prime importance for AeroFA. AeroFA is fully committed to all relevant Health and Safety legislation. Control of risk and prevention of accidents based on risk assessment method. Protects employees by implementatio of risk control measures.

Environmental Management

We adhere to strict environmental policy that commits the company to minimise any harmful impacts our business may have on the environment. We work with the supplier, where possible, who are adopted to the positive enviorenmental practices. Product cost saving can be achieved by reducing wasted and resource efficiency.


· Deodorant
· Deodorant-Antiperspirant
· Perfume
· Roll-on
· Hair Spray / Dimethylethered Hair Spray
· Hair Mousse
· Shaving Foam
· Shaving Gel
· Cooling Spray (For Athletes and Daily Trauma Usage)
· Dry shampoo
· Hair Glitter Spray
· Color Mech Spray
· Nail Polish Drying Spray
· Hair Remover Foam
· Foot Deodorant
· Legs Foundation
· Sun Protection Spray
· Panthenol
· Bronzing Spray
· Shoe Spray
· Thermal Spring Water
· Mineral Water Facial spray
· Shower Foam / Shower Foam for Sensitive and Eczema Skins
· Shower Gel
· Hand Sanitizer
· Cologne Spray

· Carpet and Fabric Cleaner
· Built and Enamel Cleaner
· Wooden Furniture Cleaner
· Seat & Sofa Cleaner
· Glass Cleaner
· Tiles & Ceramic Cleansing Foam
· WC Cleaner
· Air Freshener / Natural Air Freshener ( With natural fragrance-Compressed Air – Bag-on Valve)
· Automat Refill Spray
· Oven Cleanser
· Freeze Cleanser Spray
· Refrigerator Cleaner
· Starch Spray
· Stain Remover Spray
· Surface Sanitizer

· Computer Cleaner Spray / Foam
· Air Conditioner Cleaner Spray
· Rust Remover
· Oil Cleaner
· Disinfectant Spray
· Silicone Spray
· Fire Extinguisher Spray
· Silicone Greese Spray
· Injector Cleanser

· Air Conditioner Cleaner Spray
· Stain Preventor Sprays
· Brake Lining Sprays
· Auto Perfumes
· Torpedo Polish Spray
· Tire Sprays
· Tyre Repair Foam
· Carburetor Sprays

· Nitrogen Aerosol Filling
· Bag-on Valve Products
· Compressed Aerosol Products
· Products with dimethyl ether
· Aerosol Cream Products
· Aerosol Gels
· Aerosol Foams
· Powdered Aerosols
· Special Aerosol Products – Cooling Sprays, Panthenol etc.

We also develop products for our customer of our portfolio, to meet specific needs.





ISO 22716


ISO 9001:2015




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41180 Kartepe/Kocaeli,Türkiye

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